Rayanne Buchianico

Rayanne Buchianico owns and operates ABC Solutions, LLC in Clearwater, Florida, an accounting, tax, and business systems consulting firm serving all industries and specializing in IT firms throughout the United States and Canada. She is also a partner in Sell My MSP, a listing service connecting interested buyers with motivated sellers of IT firms.

Rayanne is passionate about nurturing the transformation in owners of small businesses to become more comfortable and savvy with the financial aspects of their business. Her focus is on improving accounting, business, and financial management systems as well as creating customized financial reports that identify areas for improved profitability and company valuation. She has seen clients double their business growth when they learned how to understand and pay attention to these reports and numbers.

Rayanne has over 30 years of accounting and tax experience. She authored and filmed three QuickBooks courses for Bigger Brains, and three more of her courses are available through Great Little Seminar: QuickBooks for IT Firms, Automating Accounting with QuickBooks Online, and Financial Processes for IT Firms.

Outside the office, Rayanne currently sits on the Executive Council for Advancing Women in IT at CompTIA. She founded the Tampa Bay IT Pro Group in 2004, served as treasurer of the Global IT Community Association for both the North American and Global boards of directors, and contributes articles to various publications. You may also find her speaking at conferences such as ASCII Success Summits and Frankly MSP Live.


Chris Timm

Chris Timm runs Sondela Consulting based in the UK, serving clients all over the world.  Sondela, a Zulu word for “move forward” or “advance”, is an award winning Business Consultancy firm specialising in PSA & RMM tools and advising on business best practices.

Sondela Consulting has a proven track record working with MSP businesses to help them achieve efficiencies and maximise profitability through the use of PSA and other business tools. This gives business owners valuable insight into their business to ensure they are operating more efficiently. ​

The 14 years of experience Chris gained through previously running a MSP business combined with working at Autotask has given him greater insight and understanding into both sides of the industry and how a PSA tool can provide efficiencies and profitability when implemented properly.  Chris can take you from zero to hero with your PSA tool, using it to its full potential, and maximising every aspect of your business to ensure that every department is working in harmony.

In a nutshell, Chris’s passion is to turn your MSP into a “well-oiled” machine.

Out of the office, Chris is passionate about the community and is a member of the CompTIA UK Channel Executive Council.  Chris founded the Thames Valley Small Business IT Specialist Community Group in 2004 and this group still runs today.  More recently, in early 2019, Chris also co-founded the Small Business IT Specialist Community Group in London.  He regularly attends a variety of industry events and peer groups, where he is often seen having lively discussions about PSA tools.